Water filter 1 “1/4 for engine cooling

In the motors of boats and automobiles always adapts an element to lower the temperature of the motor, that between them is the Filter of water of 1 “¼ what you will find in WATER FILTERS, that is to say that it has a diameter of an inch and a quarter, that is primordial to diminish the engine temperature and some surrounding elements.

All this with the advantage that this process is almost automatic, so the user almost never perceives it.

Information about Water filter 1 “1/4 for engine cooling

In other words, this water filter unit of 1 “¼, besides fulfilling the filtering function, avoiding the passage of impurities to the complete circuit of the mechanical structure of the motor, ensures that the temperature does not rise to values ​​that would damage all the machinery and accessories of more metal and weaker materials, such as hoses, belts and parts joining elements.

On the contrary this equipment Water filter of 1 “¼, remarkably lowers the temperature of the whole system to manageable and comfortable values ​​to guarantee a good functioning of the set and besides not raising the temperature much, it achieves greater duration of the metal parts and do not metalize the motor as indicated. Thus, a double function is fulfilled, filtering and maintaining an adequate temperature.

On the other hand, all water filter 1 “¼, has a great advantage, which is that through a transparent top that has, it is feasible to monitor the equipment comfortably without having to disarm it. This allows to achieve a very adequate and efficient maintenance work, thus being able to make an efficient report and in a very simple and direct way

In the process of water cooling, induced by the water filter of 1 “¼, constant cooling is assured that provides an unbeatable safety factor since as long as the temperature does not reach high or critical values, the function of the motor is developed very efficiently and the end of the machinery for which it was designed in a normal way is achieved.

The production in line, in the factories, of the equipment Filter of water of 1 “¼, allows to guarantee at all times a great quantity of spare parts that will always be available to the client for changes of parts or partial repairs of routine maintenance, counting on at all times with original parts, high quality and easy to attach to what you have in the engine that is repaired.


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