Volvo DUO Prop C3 Inox Propeller

The Volvo DUO Prop C3 Stainless Propeller what you will find in OUTBOARD AND INBOARD PROPELLERS, is a unique item of great help in the nautical market, since it provides maximum speed and acceleration apart with maximum sustainability and speed, is made in Europe and is made of stainless steel, with a little more presentation Flat with great resistance to torsion.

The torsion is the attention that occurs when a moment is applied on the longitudinal axis of a constructive element or mechanical prism, such as axes or, in general, elements where one space predominates over the others, although it is possible to find it in situations different, this is what produces that the Volvo DUO Prop C3 Inox Propeller designed for duo prop 290 tails can accelerate correctly.

Propellers and their handling

A propeller is a mechanical device, composed of the set of elements called blades, which share the same center and rotate on the same axis, drawing a rotary movement in one place, it should be noted that the blades containing this object are not completely flat but they are curved that leave the place where they turn in this way so that each side maintains a distance between the beginning and the end of the blade, an extremely important fact is that you should never install propellers with a number of blades high or less than the number of pistons of the motor, since the vibration frequencies would be coupled and could break. Keep this in mind when purchasing your Volvo DUO Prop C3 Stainless Propeller.

As previously mentioned, the propeller provides a main force in the direction of its axis of rotation, but other forces appear perpendicular to it that cause certain tendencies to move according to the place where it was assembled and other different parameters that would have to be study since this could cause some difficulties.

On the other hand, it is called Inox, the stainless steel that is the material with which this product is manufactured which is defined as the alteration of the steel that is resistant to corrosion that has a great affinity for oxygen which in turn creates a layer that prevents iron from corroding.


Types of stainless steel


Each type of stainless steel has its mechanical and physical characteristics and is manufactured in accordance with established national or international regulations.

  • Ferritic stainless steel.
  • Martensitic stainless steel.
  • Austenitic stainless steel.
  • Duplex stainless steel (austenitic-ferritic). Stainless steel is classified into five different families
  1. Martensitic stainless steels, composed of chromium and carbon.
  2. Ferritic stainless steels, are chromium compounds.

iii. Austenitic stainless steels.

  1. Austenitics are derived by adding austenite-forming elements, such as nitrogen, nickel and manganese.
  2. They are nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys. The addition of these elements of nitrogen, molybdenum, copper and silicon, have certain characteristics of resistance to corrosion.


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