Vetus Anti Odor Filter Wastewater Tanks

This tool that will be mentioned below is a Vetus wastewater tank with odor filter what you will find in MARINE WET EXHAUST SYSTEMS, or also called wastewater filter.

The function of this product is that it is installed directly in the tank vent pipe, located in the highest position. The filter box has a very peculiar smell, a different and special smell at the same time made with the same absorbent material.

Information about Vetus Anti Odor Filter Wastewater Tanks

In Vetus wastewater tanks with odor filter, this product is not long-lasting, so you should solve the change once a year to avoid unnecessary problems, such as diseases, including bad. It is highly equipped with a connector tube with a length of 16 mm. Dimensions.107 x 111x 111 mm. This tool is very essential in any type of nautical trips.

As it can be mentioned, the wastewater tanks with Vetus odor filter have the incredible ability to keep the water in excellent condition. This tool is already available in nautical stores, which is recommended for its qualities and great function in any sea voyage. It is a product resistant to shock, resistant to high temperatures and especially to intense humidity.

This product is manufactured specifically in Europe, contains the best quality of material that can be seen and is also available at the best price, wastewater tanks with Vetus anti odor filter is a product that was designed, created and designed for those trips nautical around the type. Of boats, mainly for boats and sailboats of all kinds.

This product, the Vetus wastewater tanks of the odor filter, keeps the water in good condition, built with the best material, is not long lasting

It should be taken into account that it would be a good investment to acquire this tool, the septic tanks with Vetus odor filter or also called sewage filter, since the water will remain clean and in perfect condition throughout the trip, it is for this reason that This is the right product for any nautical trip, boat trip and especially for sailboats.

Finally, the Vetus Anti Odor Filter wastewater tanks, also called wastewater filters, are fully recommended by experts in the nautical field as the most innovative that have been presented on the market.



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