6MM twisted anchor rope

The elements of cabillería in a ship can be considered as the first accessories on board present throughout the history of navigation. With the evolution of this activity have emerged products of great strength and utility belonging to this category.Among the various presentations there is the 6mm antitorsion anchor rope, which together with the anchor and the chain, make up the only brake system in case it is It is necessary to stop the boat immediately.

Made of dacron or polyester material, the 6mm anti-twist braided anchor does not float, thus eliminating the possibility of entanglement at the helm or helix. Besides being very resistant and flexible, it supports corrosion and has long durability.

It is important to consider the length of the boat when purchasing this product. The millimeters of thickness are taken into account according to the boat scale and an amount of meters between five and ten times above the dimensions of the bow to the stern is recommended. What supposes, for example, that for a boat of 30 meters of length, it must have at least 150 meters of rope and at most 300 meters.

Advantages of 6MM twisted anchor rope

  • Its braided finish offers greater comfort compared to other lines existing in the nautical market, such as two cords and three cords.
  • The anti-twist property allows the rope to retain its natural shape without malformations caused by knots.
  • Because it is made of polyester or dacron, it is ideal for anchoring since it does not float.

Other accessories to be combined with the 6MM twisted anchoring cape

It is necessary to equip the boat with a braking system composed of several elements and that together this process is successfully coerced, therefore, in addition to the anchoring point, the following should be taken into account:

  • Anchoring chain: it must be the safest body of the anchoring, like the rope, the millimeters and the thickness will depend on the size of the boat. Stainless steel is the best choice, galvanized chains can also be used.
  • Shackle: this item that is responsible for matching the anchor to the chain and the end must be of great strength, therefore stainless steel is the ideal material.
  • Anchor: in the market there are many models of anchors, the choice of one of them must be made according to the specifications of the boat. One main and one secondary anchor must be on board, the second being heavier.

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