Cobra Hh350 Flt UE

The Cobra Hh350 Flt UE is the smallest radius, aesthetically with better finishing and shape to allow a more comfortable grip. You can float, with an orange band of high visibility. This Marine Vhf transmit with a power of 6 watts. Equipped to expel any condensation from the speaker through the protective grid that emits a very low frequency tone.

Additionally, it has a function that allows sending a clear signal without ambient noise, cancellation noise with Rx signal strength bar and tones to be recognized by the ring receiver.

The antenna is equipped with SMA connector and therefore is now removable for easy storage WACTH tri-function (16 + 2 channel scan), channel button 9 and 16 reserved rechargeable 1000 mAh. The fast charger with 220Vac and 12Vdc power source is included in the package.

Operation of Cobra Hh350 Flt UE

This radio is a portable battery transceiver for use on the vessel that allows bidirectional communication, both between one vessel and another and between a vessel and the coast, mainly for security purposes but also for navigation and operation purposes. With this radio you can ask for help, receive information from the crew of other vessels, speak to operators of locks and drawbridges, and make radiotelephone calls through a maritime operator anywhere in the world.

In addition to enabling bi-directional communications, the radio can provide quick access to all weather information channels of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and warn you of emergencies related to bad weather with a tone received in a weather channel that is selected according to its area where it is located.

Characteristics of Cobra Hh350 Flt UE

  • The selectable power settings give an output power of 1, 3 or 6 W for

upcoming or distant calls.

  • Access 24 hours a day to all national weather channels.
  • It satisfies the JIS7 ​​norms with a water tank in 1 m of water for 30 minutes.
  • With the activated button lock, accidental changes in the settings are avoided.
  • Used to track an unlimited number of channels or memory locations, to find conversations in progress.
  • On the screen at the base of the liquid crystal display, text appears informing the user in what mode, function or operation the radio is currently in.
  • Requires optional AA battery tray (P / N CM 110-024).
  • Provides instant access to Channel 9 for calls and priority Channel 16.
  • Used to monitor three (3) channels at the same time -Channel 16 and two (2) programmable channels.
  • This radio fleet falls overboard. It has an orange stripe so it

It is easy to recover. You must use the included battery to float.  Allows charging the battery at home, in the car or on the boat.

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