Water filter 1 «for engine cooling

One of the equipment for lowering the temperature of the motors of operation of machines is the water filter 1 «for engine cooling what you will find in WATER FILTERS, very used for this purpose and as its name indicates has a diameter of one inch to be coupled to the engine that is you want to connect.

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Watch VDO Black Temperature Water Motor 40-120 degrees 12v

On this occasion we will mention a very useful product in nautical journeys, it is the VDO Black Water Water Engine 40-120 degrees 12v what you will find in VDO MARINE GAUGES, which is used to know from ancient times the specific position of the ships when they are already high up, this by means of time, longitude, latitude, will make it easier to know its position and where they are going, thus obtaining a defined path without getting lost in the maritime waters that surround it.

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Volvo DUO Prop C3 Inox Propeller

The Volvo DUO Prop C3 Stainless Propeller what you will find in OUTBOARD AND INBOARD PROPELLERS, is a unique item of great help in the nautical market, since it provides maximum speed and acceleration apart with maximum sustainability and speed, is made in Europe and is made of stainless steel, with a little more presentation Flat with great resistance to torsion.

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